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German Specialties:                                         Full          Portion

Berkshire Roast Pork, Black Forest with Sauerkraut                                         26.95                         18.95

Roasted Duck Breast, Apples Cassis                                                                        29.50               

Roasted Crispy Pork Shank                                                                                         29.95

Marinated German Sauerbraten                                                                                 27.00                         20.50

Traditional Beef Stroganoff                                                                                         27.00

Schwäbischer Roastbraten with Fried Onions                                                      29.25



(Breaded Cutlets, also available Unbreaded)              Full           Portion    

Pork Schnitzel                                                                                                                   26.25                         18.95      

Wiener Schnitzel                                                                                                               30.00                         22.00

                  with Fried Egg add 2.50                                         

Schnitzelette Gruyere:                                                      

                Prepared as Veal                                                                                            26.00                         22.00

                Prepared as Pork                                                                                            24.25                         19.75                  

Chicken Schnitzel                                                                                                            24.95                         17.95      

         Choice of Six Preparations: Plain; Francaise; Gruyere; Prosciutto, Zucchini & Mozzarella; Jäger Sauce; Paprika Rahm


 Choice of: Wine and Mushroom Cream Sauce or Smoked Paprika Rahm Sauce

                  Prepared as Veal                                                                                            29.75                                          

                  Prepared as Pork                                                                                            25.95                                          


Prime Angus Beef:

Dry-Aged Prime Sirloin 14 oz Steak                                                                       36.50

Grilled 9 oz Filet Mignon,                                                                                           34.95

with Béarnaise and Bordelaise Sauces and Shitake Mushrooms


North Atlantic Salmon in Dill Cream or  Citrus Crust, Orange Ginger Reduction                   28.95

Seafood Medley:  Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops,  Sole and Salmon, Pommery Mustard Sauce  29.95

Icelandic Sole in Potato Crust, Mustard Sauce                                                                                        26.95

Roasted Chilean Sea Bass in Potato Crust, Lobster Sauce                                                                   34.00      


All entrees this page are served with your choice of TWO: Tossed Salad, Red Cabbage,

     Fresh Vegetable du Jour, Potato Du Jour, Homemade Spatzle, Potato Dumpling


                                          Parties of Eight and over, an 20% gratuity will be added to bill

          Methods of preparation, handling and service of food preclude the Black Forest Inn from any guarantee

                                             that any menu item is completely and entirely allergen-free