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Hot Appetizers:

German Maultaschen, with Fried Onions      sm 8.50      lg 16.50

Escargot in Fine Herb Butter      11.50

Jumbo Potato Pancakes

         with Apple Sauce    7.95                           with Sour Cream   8.75


         *Three Cheese* Flammkuchen

                            Our Own German Pizza


                  with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon                         7”  8.50 / 10”  14.50

                  with Fresh Porcini Mushroom, Bacon and Red Onion    7”  9.50 / 10”  16.50

                  with Fresh Porcini Mushroom                     7”  8.50 / 10”  14.50



Cold Appetizers:

On the Half Shell:

Hand-selected Premium Half Dozen Oysters     15.50   

Half dozen Clams   11.00

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Traditional Cocktail Sauce   14.00

Black Forest Pâté, Sauce Cumberland, Chef’s Selection   14.25

Scandinavian Matjes Herring Apples & Onions, Crčme Fraîche   12.00

Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Red Onion & Capers in Dill Cream   12.75

Smoked Trout, Creamed Horseradish   9.75



Potato Leek    6.75           Lobster Bisque        7.25                        



Tossed Salad, Tomato, Cucumber     4.95                  Beet Salad with Red Onion   5.50

German Potato Salad   5.50                                            Cucumber Salad   5.50 

Combination Salad:  Tomato, Cucumber and Red Belgian Endive,

                  Red Onion Champagne Vinaigrette  7.50

*Traditional Caesar Salad   9.50

*Seasonal Greens, Black Forest with Sliced Apples, Sun-Dried Cherries,   10.75

Sunflower Seeds and Bleu Cheese, Xeres Vinaigrette                                     

         *Both available with…

Chicken,     add 9.75     Smoked Salmon,      add 9.75      Grilled Salmon,   add 14.75



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