Apple  Strudel   6.75

      Black Forest Cake   6.75

      Cream  Cheesecake   6.50

      Crème Rice Pudding   5.75

      Traditional Crème Brulee  6.50

      Traditional  Tiramisu Black Forest  6.95

      Warm Melted Chocolate ‘Souffle’

            with Vanilla Ice Cream    7.50 

      Chocolate Mousse Grand Marnier   6.95

      SB’s House-made Carrot Cake,

            Citrus Cream Cheese Buttercream 6.95

      Dark Chocolate Pecan Terrine,

            Amaretto Anglaise   7.50

      Assorted  Ice  Creams or  Sorbet   6.25

      Black Cherries in Red Wine

            on Vanilla Ice Cream  7.25


Try a Mozart Chocolate ® Cappuccino!

Regular or Decaffeinated

served with a pony of

Mozart Chocolate® Royal Liqueur 9.00




 Coffee/Tea  2.50           Specialty Herbal Tea 4.00               

Espresso   3.25           Cappuccino  4.00                    

Black Forest Asbach® Kaffee   9.95



German Continental Cuisine

Black Forest Inn

German Continental Cuisine

Black Forest Inn

Our desserts

  Menus reflecting

the changing seasons…


                  Holidays to celebrate

         with family & friends…


         Special Events exclusive

                  to the Black Forest Inn…


Each create memories

         of good times & great food!

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